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The Print Refinery inspires the next photo specialty retail concept – The Dead Pixels Society

At the IPI Member Network Conference last summer, we had the chance to talk to IPI’s Ron Mohney, executive director, and Brenda DiVincenzo, director of member success, about The Print Refinery.As regular readers know, the Print Refinery is a licensed branded retail solution for the photo specialty channel. IPI has monthly webinars to discuss the opportunity with potential members. Click here to read more.


What’s your Growth Strategy? Join us for PR LIVE!

The Print RefineryTM model was developed to help business owners accelerate sales growth, add value and provide an affordable alternative to closing.

Ask yourself HOW you plan to achieve sustainable success. If the path is unclear – The Print RefineryTM opportunity could be the answer.

Hear what The Print RefineryTM licensees are saying and consider if this model is right for you.

what's your growth strategy? Join us for PR live!

April 18, 2018
9:00 – 9:30 AM PACIFIC

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Thinking about adopting The Print RefineryTM?
Get started and save $1,200 at IPIC!

With three PR locations thriving and others on the verge of opening – The Print Refinery™ model is proving to have a positive impact in specialty retail.

2017 Year End Sales Increase vs. 2016
– Louisville, KY

December 2017 Sales Increase vs. 2016
– Bozeman, MT

1st Quarter 2018 vs. 2017
– Ft. Worth, TX


$1,200 Bonus to when you adopt The Print Refinery

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The Print RefineryTMbusiness model reinvents the retail experience with an innovative new approach to the specialty photo model. It fuses high-tech innovations with creative storytelling in an interactive hub of ingenuity.

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Flexible quarterly payments make it easier to get started quickly!
Get started sooner rather than later, now that the $7,500 setup fee can be paid in four quarterly installments of $1,875.


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This is some mighty fine print that you’ll want to read first

To be eligible you must sign your licensing agreement, pay your set up fee and begin construction prior to July 1, 2018. The $7500 non-refundable setup fee may be paid in four quarterly installments of $1875. Installment payments are non-refundable. Any confidential and trademarked details, including floorplan mock-ups, will not be shared with licensees until at least the first installment of $1875 is received with a signed licensing agreement.Six hotel room nights are for one double-occupancy standard room at M Resort for Saturday, July 14, 2018, arrival and Friday, July 20, 2018, departure. IPI will cover the room and tax only, not incidentals nor the incidental deposit required at check-in. Reservation through IPI before room rate cut-off is required. To learn more about IPIC Boot Camp pass includes full Boot Camp tuition for one person to the IPI-hosted Boot Camp of your choice on Sunday, July 15, 2018. Registration by Boot Camp deadline is required.

You’re invited to PR Live on March 21st!



If you’d like to see double digit sales percentage increases in 2018, NOW is the perfect time to explore new options and ways to enhance your business.The Print RefineryTMbusiness model reinvents the retail and commercial sales experience with an innovative new approach to the specialty photo model.

Is PR right for you? Join us to learn why The Print Refinery™ model is the quickest, most economical way to reinvent your business. Join us for this live webinar event! Get to know PR and what’s ahead in 2018!

March 21, 2018

9:00 – 9:30 AM PACIFIC


Thinking about adopting The Print RefineryTM?

Get started and save $1,200 at IPIC!

With three PR locations thriving and others on the verge of opening – The Print Refinery™ model is proving to have a positive impact in specialty retail.


2017 Year End Sales Increase vs. 2016

– Louisville, KY


December 2017 Sales Increase vs. 2016

– Bozeman, MT


Increases in decor + archiving sales

– Ft. Worth, TX

See for yourself how The Print Refinery™ can bring new life to your existing business.


Watch the PR brand video tour:

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Neighborhood Expert

Be the Local Expert

Are you positioned as the local expert in your market? Being your neighborhood expert means delivering a consistent, high quality experience for all customers. By providing coaching and consulting services to your customers, you become “the place to go” for _____. You build trust and customers are willing to pay extra for that level of expert service. Offer classes to boost this image further, creating a community around your expertise. Customers are more likely to return to your store again and again, and to refer their family/friends/colleagues, when they are learning new skills.

Try not to single out just one person as the expert on your team. You don’t want the owner or manager to be in such high demand that they don’t have time to focus on strategic business growth. Celebrate the expertise and certifications of all of your team members. Promote individual team members on your website and via social media for maximum impact.

To learn more about The Print Refinery or to join one of our teams, visit

The Print Refinery Team

The Right Team: Your Ticket to Success

The right team can make or break you. An engaged team, rooted in a strong culture, is the ticket to customer experience and retention. Here are a few brief tips on attracting the right team members, developing their talents and keeping them engaged long-term.

  1. Define your culture and clearly communicate it to your existing team members, as well as new hires. Start from the very beginning – include it in your job descriptions.
  2. Have applicants and team members describe your culture back to you to guarantee comprehension; everyone on your team should be able to communicate your brand story.
  3. Hire against culture first and skills second; your team members should all share the same vision and values.
  4. Nurture your team members’ individual talents; their expertise should complement each other.
  5. Be a team player yourself. Pitch in to help and teach often. Don’t ask of your team members what you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.
  6. Hire HAPPY problem solvers that are active listeners + open sharers. Communication on a team is key.

Learn more about The Print Refinery team at

merchandising display

Curate Product Selection In-Store + Online

Many business owners in our industry and in others get carried away when it comes to displaying every little thing that they can do, in every size, without any thought to curation. This leads to a cluttered and busy store (and/or website) – no matter how beautiful the products are. Displaying too many choices is overwhelming to the customer. Curate and make it easy for them. Showcase your capabilities and inspire creativity and customization, without overdoing it. Here are some questions to ask yourself when curating:

  • What’s new?
  • What’s on trend?
  • What are your top sellers?
  • What brings you the highest margins?

In-store, use the support of digital signage, printed literature, a material + size sample display and the expertise of your team members to decrease clutter. Only display your very best work; never display irregulars.

Online, feature the products that answer the questions above first. Remove poor sellers and dated designs.

Happy curating!

print marketing consultant

Consult. Create. Repeat.

Why? Because it’s not just a piece of paper, or canvas, or metal, or wood. It’s not just a photo or a graphic. It’s a conversation starter, the spark that ignites stories and creates emotional connections. It’s a mnemonic expression of the experiences that bring together families and friends, colleagues and clients. At The Print Refinery, this human connection drives the unique experiential elements that make up a winning formula – for the consumer and the retailer.

EXPERIENCE a Consultative Creative Partnership – Today’s specialty retail and service markets are no longer transactional, employing order takers. For both retail guests and commercial clients, you must develop relationships that position your team as the local expert. It’s time to get out from behind the counter and consult with each customer side-by-side. Understanding their needs and matching them with your vast capabilities will guarantee the desired end result – that emotional connection with the story behind the project.

The Print Refinery store design incorporates several multi-functional areas: a casual conversation area, a consultation counter, various styles of workstations and multiple collaboration tables. Guests and team members spontaneously engage with each other in a variety of ways, without the barrier of the traditional sales counter. The incorporation of the collaboration tables has proven to successfully increase sales tickets.

CURATE Unique Product + Service Offerings – Offering exclusive products and services with a, “We print ANYTHING on EVERYTHING,” mantra is essential, highlighted by beautiful, clean displays that thoughtfully represent the best of what you can do. Design these vignettes to feel like a home or office environment. When paired with conversation, your team will utilize the free flow environment to walk guests through a hands-on experience of examples, materials and inspiration that meets their specific needs. Embracing the latest marketing techniques (web design, online advertising, digital signage, emotional messaging and video), as well as adding celebratory packaging, emphasizes the perception of your work being professionally crafted, custom masterpieces.

The Gather Box (shoebox scanning reinvented) is one of the more multi-faceted “Signature” services offered in-store at The Print Refinery, as it encourages add-ons, upselling and derivative creative products, and can be paired with classes, events and one-on-one consultations. Ongoing development of new Signature Products and services is inspired by home and commercial décor trends and top selling items on creative sites like Etsy.

ENGAGE through Community-Building Classes + Events – Focus on building a local culture through interactive education and social events. Collaboration tables can be moved together and placed in front of a wall-mounted monitor to create an in-store classroom space. All classes and events should conclude with the creation of a printed creative product and an introduction to the endless future project possibilities. Maximize your opportunities to support, train, educate, coach and entertain your customers. Events and education inspire creativity, collaboration and connection, teaching skills that add value and lead to purchases. Capitalize upon the current popularity of group activities like paint night, plant night, trivia night, etc. that allow guests to socialize with like-minded individuals in a fun and nurturing environment.

UNCOVER High Profit Margins with Commercial Concentration – The Print Refinery is a hybrid model of equal B2C and B2B sales, using the Creative Partner Program method to attract lucrative commercial projects that carry an 80% margin on average. Developing creative partnerships with local businesses happens mostly outside of the store, however, the store is well-equipped with interactive displays and collaboration areas for in-store appointments, as well as spontaneous experiences. This new focus has brought one location over $20,000 in additional sales in January of this year.

CULTIVATE Team Culture – Your brand = your culture = your team. These three elements must be well developed, communicated and integrated. Start by clearly defining your brand culture through your vision, mission, guiding principles (core values) and brand promise. All business decisions are tested against these, including cultivating the right team. Engaged team members are attracted to your culture and perform better as a result. Engagement starts during the recruiting process and continues through interviewing, hiring and training. Most importantly, it never ends with growth opportunities presented by coaching, mentoring and education. State your vision, mission, guiding principles and brand promise and clearly define the attributes of your ideal team member in your job descriptions and training materials.

The Print Refinery Vision:

Building a passionate local community by inspiring people and businesses to creatively use photographs, imagery and video.

DEVELOP a New Mindset – Training is integral in making the culture shift of taking your team members from order takers to collaborators, from producers to artisans, from service representatives to educators, and from retail salespeople to commercial partners. The Print Refinery developed an online training program in which all team members from all stores participate. It can be modified for use during in-person individual or group training. Training modules are added regularly to introduce new concepts and train on the brand, the culture, sales techniques, display methods and new products and services.

The Print Refinery Brand Promise:

Our passion is bringing your stories to life through artistic collaboration. Our obsession is delivering share-worthy excitement with each experience and project.

Because at the end of the day, when you present your hand-crafted masterpieces to your in-store guests and unveil your stunning on-location installations to your creative partners, you’ve become an irreplaceable part of their storytelling process. You are now part of their conversation. You’ve forged a lasting connection. Consult. Create. Repeat.